Sample letter for Upper Sonachan wf objection

Please try to use your own words where possible, and vary the position of the points being made below. Even one or two points from the list will form a valid objection.
[Your address]


Dear Sir,

OBJECTION – Upper Sonachan Wind Park application. Loch Awe, Argyll.

I wish to object to this application upon the following grounds:

1. There would be an unavoidable negative impact on the landscape, natural & visual environment of Loch Awe. Being located in an Area of Panoramic Quality, these or any number of such large turbines would prove destructive.

2. Due to the high visibility of these turbines from tourist routes, the resulting highly damaging impact on tourism and associated livelihoods of residents and businesses is completely unacceptable.

3. Although these turbines are located in a landscape type classified in Argyll and Bute’s Landscape Wind Energy Capacity Study, which informs the Council’s recently adopted Local Plan, as being medium sensitive to large turbines, they are in close proximity to terrain which is classified as highly sensitive, and the same Study points out that structures of the height of these turbines have an inescapable impact on adjacent terrain.

4. There will be a potential negative impact on any hydro schemes or private water supplies whose water catchment areas fall within the proposed site boundary. There is no public water supply that side of the loch.

5. There is a high potential for impacts of adverse health noise effects from both audible and low frequency infrasound upon near neighbours to the development. Studies show that the infrasound from wind turbines can carry through the air for tens of kilometres, as verified in the measurements recently carried out in Finland.

6. There would be a very damaging cumulative effect with other wind turbine installations already in existence or proposed around Loch Awe.

Yours sincerely,

[Your name]


Send by email to:
Cc’d to OR:
By post to: The Scottish Government, Energy Consents Unit,4th Floor, 5, Atlantic Quay
150, Broomielaw, Glasgow, G2 8LU


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