Environment Minister, Greg Hunt Backs Slaughter of ‘Protected’ Eagles With Taxpayer Underwritten ‘Loans’ for Wind Farms

Stop These Things

The number of Liberal (Australia’s once small-government, conservative, business and family friendly) Party MPs that hold a bizarre affection for these things can be tallied up on one hand.

The Liberal’s King of the Wind Worship Cult is the hapless Environment Minister, young Gregory Hunt. Hunt’s office is headed up by wind industry plant, Patrick Gibbons – who, along with his best mate, Ken McAlpine are responsible for cooking up the great wind power fraud in Australia.

At the time, they were staffers in the office of Victorian Labor Minister, Theo Theophanous, who with his brother, Andrew added more than a little ‘colour’ to politics.

In a cosier than cosy turn of events, Gibbons runs Hunt’s office; and McAlpine is now Vestas’ top media manipulator in Oz. How convenient!

Hunt and Gibbons have been running a campaign to save the unsustainable Large-Scale Renewable Energy Target – that Australia’s top commercial power retailers decided to kill-off over 3 years ago, by refusing to enter long-term Power Purchase Agreements with wind power outfits – here’s the detail on the LRET’s inevitable demise:

What Kills the Australian Wind Industry: A $45 Billion Federal Power Tax

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