Falmouth Wind Turbine Infrasound Massachusetts

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Wind watch

Wind Turbine Infrasound Confirmed Falmouth Massachusetts

The NASA investigation by Dr. Neil Kelley and his colleagues established a link between wind turbine generated impulsive infrasound and low frequency noise and the symptoms (including sleep disturbance) reported by the Boone, North Carolina residents  ( 1987 )

Pulsating infrasound can be a direct cause of sleep disturbance. In clinical medicine, chronic sleep interruption and deprivation is acknowledged as a trigger of serious health problems.

N. D. Kelley, H. E. McKenna, E. W. Jacobs, R. R. Hemphill, J. Birkenheuer.

“The MOD-2 Wind Turbine: Aeroacoustical Noise Sources, Emissions, and Potential Impact”. Solar Energy Research Institute. Prepared for the U.S. Department of Energy, January 1988

III. Three preliminary studies replicating Kelley’s findings:

1. The Falmouth Study, December 2011

This investigation is also known as the “Bruce McPherson Infrasound & Low Frequency Noise Study” in honour of the philanthropist who created the private grant “to determine why there were so many strong complaints about the loss of wellbeing and hardships experienced by people living near large industrial wind turbines operating in Falmouth, Massachusetts”.

The chief investigators, Stephen Ambrose and Robert Rand, set out to confirm or deny the presence of infrasonic and low frequency noise emissions (ILFN) from the “WIND 1”, a municipally-owned Vestas V82 industrial wind turbine.

However to the surprise of the acousticians, almost immediately upon entering the study area, they themselves succumbed to the same adverse health symptoms that had been described by the people living near large industrial wind turbine sites in the area.

It took the investigators about a week to recover from the adverse health effects experienced during the study, with lingering recurring nausea and vertigo for almost seven weeks for one of them.

Interestingly, when Ambrose and Rand conducted the Bruce McPherson Study, they were as yet unaware of Kelley’s work at the DOE.33

The study confirmed Kelley’s observation that the LFN causing health problems was inaudible; that sleep disturbance resulted from it; and that infrasound was measured inside the house. The study also affirmed Dr. Kelley’s hypothesis of subsequent harmonic coupling of acoustic energy to residential structures. It also re-iterated Kelley’s observation that low frequency noise from wind turbines is impulsive:

The observation that sensitization occurs as exposure continues may be explained in the fact that “It is generally accepted that human response and cumulative effects increase with the quantity and the peak level of intrusive noises. Peak noise events are additive”.

Ambrose and Rand emphasized that “the infrasonic and low-frequency pulsations are hidden by the A-weighting filtering normally used by noise consultants to assess noise levels; yet, these pulsations are clearly visible in the linear, un-weighted time history in Pascal”. [ Pascal is the unit for sound pressure (Pa)]40

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