Greenpeace Helps Corporations Destroy the Planet

Greenpeace and Sierra Club are doing more harm than good by co-opting grassroots environmental movements and giving destructive, polluting industries their “green” stamp of approval


greenpeace+detox+challenge“Greenwashing” is an attempt by corporations to cover up environmentally harmful practices by marketing products as “green” or “eco-friendly.’ While saavy consumers are catching on that corporations still care more about the green in our pockets than the greenery of the earth, many of them would be surprised to learn that some of the world’s most prominent environmentalist organizations have green “blood” on their hands too.

A short video called “Green is the Color of Money” – a clip from the larger documentary End Civ – accuses Greenpeace, Sierra Club and other non-governmental environmental organizations of not only not doing their job, but of conspiring with corporations who want their “green” stamp of approval:

State of the Planet

The video begins with a briefing on the state of the planet by Lierre Keith, author of The Vegetarian Myth.

“Ninety eight percent of the old growth forests are gone, 99 percent of the prairies are gone and 80 percent of the rivers on this planet do not support life anymore,” Keith says. “We are out of species, we are out of soil and we are out of time.”

Keith co-founded a radical environmental movement with Derek Jensen called Deep Green Resistance. On their website they warn “industrial civilization is killing ALL life on the planet” – driving 200 species into extinction each day. Since most species on the planet are interdependent, it’s only a matter of time before humans get added to the endangered species list, they argue.

The Co-opting of Environmentalism

After environmentalism became popular in the 1970s and 80s, corporations realized they could sell things by calling them “green.”

The problem is most of these “environmentalists” take our industrial economy as a given, says coauthor of What We Leave Behind Aric McBay. Their attitude is – “How can we save the industrial economy? Oh, and it would be nice if we still have a planet.”

The mainstream environmental movement tells us the way to “save the planet” is by making better personal consumer choices, but Keith argues that’s a lie propped up by corporations and the environmental organizations they’ve co-opted. “It doesn’t matter if I buy hemp soap if there’s a runaway greenhouse effect and the planet becomes uninhabitable.”

The philosophy of the big environmental organizations is “rooted in the same cultural lie” that views nature as a supply of resources to be used, managed and transformed into commodities for us to buy and sell, co-author of Igniting a Revolution Michael Becker says in the film.

“They may say we need to manage it more wisely, but as long as they maintain the mindset that we are the lords of creation, and creation exists for us … they’re working within the same framework of the ultimately self-destructive path our culture is on.”

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