Wind turbine stress

Friends Against Wind

“Badgers suffer from stress caused by wind turbines. Yes. Humans do, too.”

Hello Friends,

I contacted Powys Environmental Health department twice in January 2015 and followed it up with a tracer letter in May. I had two concerns:

  1. the flickering, not ‘shadow flickering’, of the Dugwm Farm turbine; and
  2. because of my hearing, I will either have to put up with the headaches and other discomforts of the turbine with my hearing aids in, or, with them out, try to lip-read what people are saying.

On his request, I called the local Environmental Health Officer, Dan Stykuc, on 23rd September 2015. He said that since it is not a “noise” I am experiencing, it has got nothing to do with him or his department. He asked if I have contacted Public Health Wales, my GP or audiologist.

That I did not complain about “noise” invalidated all my concerns. Mr Stykuc said that the possibility that my symptoms (headaches, imbalance and sleep disturbance) and my husband’s symptoms (headaches, dizziness, insomnia and sleep disturbances) are related to the Dugwm turbine cannot be investigated because they are not “noise”.

One thing is certain: I experience none of them when the turbine is switched off or when I go beyond Stepaside (just under three miles away at the end of the valley), and all of them if the turbine is switched on when I return home.

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