Denmark’s Costly Energy Plan Roadblocks

Jack Dini | Canadian Free Press

The Danish government has announced a new proposal to resolve the problem of renewable energy tax (PSO) which the EU believes to be illegal and which has become markedly more expensive for businesses and citizens than planned. Climate and Energy Minister Lars Christian Lillehot will cancel all coastal wind turbines which were agreed to be built in 2012 and promises to replace them with a new off-shore wind farm in 2025. “When I think back on the energy agreement from 2012 it was a mistake that we agreed to build the coastal wind turbines,” he said. “The cancellation of the coastal wind turbines will save the country around 7 billion Krones ($1 billion). And when the new off-shore wind farm will be constructed from 2025 onwards, there will be ample budget available.” (1)

Since 2012 when the political agreement was reached, the cost of renewables has increased dramatically. This makes renewable alternatives a lot less attractive. Danes pay some of the most expensive electric bills in the world.

An analysis showed that in 2014 a staggering 66 percent of the average Danish electricity bill went to taxes and fees, 18 percent to transportation and only 15 percent of the price was for electricity itself. Only Germany came close with 52 percent in electricity taxes. At the behest of the EU, Denmark is now scrapping the green energy tariffs. (2)

Then there’s the issue of wind turbines.

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