Wind Power Supply and Pricing Fiasco Leaves South Australians ‘Mad as Hell’


tom koutsantonis2 Tom Koutsantonis reckons SA’s wind power disaster is BHP’s fault.


In yesterday’s post we drew attention to the fact that the wind industry, its parasites and spruikers are having a rather torrid time, as they try to deflect attention from South Australia’s unfolding power supply and pricing calamity.

What is crushing their feeble spirits is the fact that, despite their very best efforts, the facts, are finally getting out.

Mainstream media outlets are all over South Australia – aka “Australia’s wind power capital”  – like a tropical rash.

In the battle for hearts and minds the Clean Energy Council, yes2ruiningus and Ruin-economy are being ground down by a relentless barrage of articles and broadcasts, making the obvious connection between SA’s routine but unpredictable wind power output collapses and spot price surges – from $70 per MWh all the way to the $14,000 per MWh regulated market cap. Big numbers…

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