Update on Windfarm Noise Issues and the Guideline Development Group for the WHO Environmental noise guidelines for the European Region

Winds of Justice

All those involved in alerting the WHO to the scale of effects being suffered have so often had their experiences dismissed or ignored. The domino effect of this is that reports are not reaching those who need to see them, so it has been impossible for organisations  to assess the levels of repeated and similar effects now being experienced globally.

Please remember that for everyone you are aware of who are currently suffering, or have suffered negative health impacts, there will be many more who have given up trying to warn/raise issues with the very authorities charged with their protection.  Yet more are unaware that their new or existing health problems are highly likely to be caused, or exacerbated by living within certain distances of wind turbines.  It should be seen as an indictment in respect of governmental duty of care that no country has yet instigated proper health monitoring of populations living within a 1 – 12km range of wind turbines.   In this respect, the WHO as an intergovernmental body, could help with much needed recommendations, the need for which in the face of existing evidence it would be both illogical, and against the public interest for governments to reject.

This is why assurance that the Guideline Development Group for the WHO Environmental noise guidelines for the European Region is in receipt of the letters and attachments we send them.

Original Letter to the World Health Organisation(WHO) re. 2016 Noise Guidelines

Those who are suffering but don’t know where to send their reports, can do so with the Open Letter to the members of the panel developing the WHO Environmental Noise Guidelines for the European Region to include and to which they can refer to as wishing to support. The email addresses they can use are:  herouxm@who.int  contact.euro.who.int  not forgetting to copy the WHO chief exec. Margaret Fung Chan at chanm@who.int

Support and individual reports from:

WHO letter from Virpi Poikolainen about wt ILFN effects – physiotherapy – August 31th – 2016

WHO Panel Brief 2016-08-11 main report

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