Wind Turbine Energy A 40 Year Failure By Jim Wiegand

Subject: Wind Turbine Energy A 40 Year Failure By Jim Wiegand. Part 1 of 3.

Wind Energy – A runaway failure for nearly 4 decades
If you are one of the millions across America, that believes wind energy will create a better world, you need to read the facts presented here.   This information has been hidden by the media, utility companies, your government and by most of all, a terribly destructive industry seeking profits.
California’s wind turbines may have started a green revolution here in America. But as readers will learn here, wind energy’s perceived value to society is a devious fantasy.  Adding to the public’s confusion is that this puffed-up industry has been enabled with layers of rigging from politicians, planted media stories, fraudulent research, data manipulation and outright lies. All for the purpose of giving corporations access to taxpayer billions. As you will learn here it certainly has not been for the energy provided.

Read more from link above.  Due to this being a global experience/problem, parts 2 & 3 will be shared as received.

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