Wind Turbines 40 Years of Failures Part 3 of 3

Wind Turbines 40 Years of Failures Part 3 of 3

Wind Energy – A runaway failure for nearly 4 decades Part 3 of 3

The green energy fantasy of using wind turbines to power the future truly is a fantasy and this delusion becomes even more impossible when considering all of society’s other energy sectors.
When looking at the published California Energy Commission (CEC) information below, these are the total energy consumption figures for CA that include electricity, fuel coal and natural gas. It tells the public very little but with some added background information, it also happens to be one the most revealing statements you will ever find about the futility wind energy. This is because when looking at total energy, the energy used every day in our lives, wind energy only supplies a minscule amount of these total energy numbers.
Total energy usage from fuel, natural gas or electricity is typically quantified using the British thermal  unit  (Btu),  or million Btu.  In California, this per capita consumption is rated at about 217 million Btu per person for all energy sectors and transportation is by far, the largest form of energy of consumption. Several years ago, the US per capita total energy consumption average was rated at 313 Million Btu.
When per capita million Btu numbers are converted to MWh, this works out to 63 MWh for every person in California. One must also one take into consideration that no form of electricity will propel a jet to Paris and space heating for buildings is far more inefficient and costly when using electricity.


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