Wind Turbines 40 Years Of Failures Part 2 of 3

Subject: Wind Turbines 40 Years Of Failures Part 2 of 3

Wind Energy – A runaway failure for nearly 4 decades Part 2 of 3

Figuring out the true value of wind energy is really quite easy if the real numbers were not deliberately being hidden.  But all this has hidden, just like the thousands of eagle carcasses being found under wind turbines each year has been hidden.  Unfortunately, facts like these are hidden because people and corporations with terrible character want your money.
For investors and energy providers, selling wind energy to the public is similar to a fast food restaurant selling orders of high profit French fries for $2 when the potato only cost them 10 cents.  Then this wonderful restaurant in order to create more profits, creates fraudulent research that allows them to advertise to the world that their fries are a top-rated superfood.    Wind energy is really no better than this.
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