New Book from Danish Journalist Peter Skeel Hjorth

New book documents the wind turbine industry’s abuse of power:


From the media press release:

“Wind turbines are not noisy! We hear it again and again from both the wind turbine industry and the politicians. But why then are there people that suffer because of the noise? And why was a professor at Aalborg University fired, and his apparatus to gauge wind turbine noise confiscated?

Professor Henrik Møller is an expert in sound. He has invented an apparatus that can gauge low frequency noise from wind turbines inside a house in a very simple way. And ready to lend to people that feel that the wind turbines in their vicinity are noisy. Finally providing a way to get a clear picture!

But Aalborg University has fired Henrik Møller and his apparatus is not being used. In En skjult magt (in English: A Hidden Power) prize winning journalist Peter Skeel Hjorth shows how the Danish universities, authorities and politicians are bullied by the wind turbine industry. The book also shows how the municipalities especially are subjected to an extreme – and unlawful – pressure from the wind turbine industry.”

See full press release here: En skjult magt – A Hidden Power (PDF)

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