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In this post Euan once again tells us more facts, this time relating to National Grid reports, and that for the first time, over 50% of UK electricity came from renewable electricity (RE) on 7th June.  The following letter from Lyndsey Ward on the same theme was published today 10.06.17 by the P & J in Scotland:

I am appalled at the cherry picking of statistics by WWF in order to hoodwink what they hope will be a gullible public. We never have the trumpeting of wind performance in the depths of winter when there isn’t even the merest whisper of turbine energy generated for days. Instead they pick a warm balmy month when there is no demand from England, we can’t sell them the energy produced and we don’t need it in Scotland. Instead we are paying millions to switch off the reckless over deployment of Scotland’s wind fleet on the very days the ‘environmentalists’ are whooping and jumping with joy that the turbine blades are actually turning.
WWF need to look at what all this is costing the consumer and publish those figures instead of promoting an industry that is raking in money from the vulnerable every which way it can. Westminster also needs to slam the door shut on this appalling abuse of our money.
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