Australia’s Renewable Energy Disaster: Self-Inflicted Power Crisis Goes from Bad to Execrable

Watch out UK, EU and everywhere else – the clear message is that wind power is economically unsustainable and environmentally disastrous. Negative health impacts for humans and animals are only just emerging into the ‘light’ & understanding of the public having been buried/denied by the industry since its inception.


Josh, they’ve worked it out. What’s your next bright idea?

As witless as they are gutless, the Federal Liberal/National Coalition government is tearing itself apart over energy.

In particular, renewable energy; and the choice between the existing annual 33,000 GWh Large-Scale RET – roughly 26% of annual consumption, which is already destroying businesses and punishing households with 20% year-on-year price increases (even though the annual target this year is a mere 26,000 GWh and doesn’t hit 33,000 until 2020) – and a 42% RET, which is the cornerstone of Alan Finkel’s fantasy of running Australia on sunshine, breezes and mythical grid-scale battery storage.

Conservatives within the Coalition, rallying behind their only hope, Angus Taylor, have finally tumbled to the fact that power prices matter; and that when power prices are exorbitant and rocketing, routine-load shedding and mass blackouts matter even more. This group have worked out that enough is enough…

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