Germany’s Anti-Wind Power FDP Free Democrats Crush Greens in North Rhine Westphalia

As always, that the Greens globally haven’t twigged that the wind industry and others have high-jacked the perfectly laudable wish of people to clean up TOXINS in our atmosphere (of which CO2 is not one) leaves the otherwise supportable wishes that they have at serious risk. We do need to put polluters in industry on notice of closure when their activities consistently pollute air or water (i.e. rivers, reservoirs and seas). Threats are not enough – examples must be made of those who do it. Politicians and governments have yet to appreciate that science is increasingly producing evidence on harmful effects attached to the technology of wind power. Time to force the issues into the open – amongst which must be the fact that the claims made for wind power’s emissions savings and benefits have never been proven.


Germans are a relatively cool tempered bunch, keen for consensus and to avoid serious civil confrontation.

Which goes some way to explain why Germany was overrun by these things; with thousands of them speared all across their farms and forests. However, Germans quite obviously have their limits of tolerance.

During the winter just gone, with a total collapse in wind and solar poweroutput, Germany had to scramble to keep its lights on using coal-fired power plants, resurrected to deal with a grid on the brink of collapse and nuclear power imported from France.

Rocketing power prices have also taken their toll on the German sense of humour.

But, as with every community forced to live with these things, Germans are just as hostile: constant exposure to turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound is enough to rattle the resolve of even the most stoic.

And now that the victims…

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