‘Green’ Energy Carnage: Vultures Join Eagles in Wind Industry’s Growing Carcass Count

Added to effects upon humans, the overall losses of wildlife of all kinds is truly terrifying and escalating together with the numbers of IWTs. People are being ‘programmed’ to accept such losses as unavoidable/necessary collateral damage attached to climate change needs. CO2 is not a toxin. The jury of scientific opinion is out on what effect this gas (which we need to survive) actually has on our climate when solar activity is in the frame together with other possible elements worthy of study/consideration. Once again the lack of understanding is monumental with high-jacking of ‘green’ agendas being rife and peppered with misinformation. Where it is right to seek to clean up our air and seas from TOXINS produced by heavy industry etc., this should not mean a blanket adoption of technologies proven to be harmful to all forms of life. E.g wind power via audible and full spectrum noise emissions (also of serious concern for sea life) and the rising levels of carnage as indicated by this article. See further evidence on websites such as http://www.windsofjustice.org & http://www.wcfn.org


In the battle for hearts and minds, the one issue that seems to annoy the wind industry like a burr under a frisky pony’s saddle blanket is the wholesale slaughter of millions of birds and bats. It’s an inconvenient truth to be sure. But, as with everything that the wind industry does, if you can’t keep a straight face while lying about it any more, then pull out all stops and cover it up.

The rampant slaughter of millions of birds and bats – includies rare, endangered and majestic species, like America’s iconic bald and golden eagles. The default response from the wind industry is to lie like fury and – when the corpses can no longer be hidden and the lying fails – to issue court proceedings to literally bury those facts (see our post here).

Unlikely to win a beauty contest head-to-head with North America’s golden eagle…

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