Andrew Neill Destroys XR’s Eco Wally


By Paul Homewood

Finally there seems to a fight back against the eco loons of Extinction Rebellion. Andrew Neil thoroughly takes apart this wally from XR. (about 20 mins in)

There has also been a highly critical article in the Telegraph today, as well as in the Mail this week.

Naturally of course the eco nutters are still treated as being serious people by the BBC, but the message seems to be hitting home now, confirming what most normal people already believe:

1) There is no “climate emergency”

2) UK emissions are so tiny that eliminating them will have no effect at all.

3) The UK is already fast reducing emissions, but at a huge cost.

3) To get to zero carbon will cost much more, even if possible. And will utterly transform people’s lives for the worst.

4) Eliminating emissions globally will condemn most of the world’s poor…

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