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Renewables Rejected: More Countries Get Serious About Serious Power Generation

Originally posted on STOP THESE THINGS:
Countries serious about their economic prosperity are getting serious about serious power generation. Ontario, China and Japan have slashed subsidies and mandated targets for wind and solar; between them China and Japan are building…

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Wind Industry Panics as Class Actions Loom: WHO Finds Wind Turbine Noise Harmful to Health

Originally posted on STOP THESE THINGS:
It’s no mystery to those forced to live next to wind turbines that the incessant low-frequency noise they generate is seriously harmful to health. When humans set out to torture each other, sleep deprivation…

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Increasing Extreme Weather Events?

Originally posted on ManicBeancounter:
Over at Cliscep, Ben Pile posted Misleading Figures Behind the New Climate Economy. Ben looked at the figures behind the recent New Climate Economy Report from the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate, which claims to be……

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BBC’s climate change ‘facts’ are fiction

Originally posted on NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT:
By Paul Homewood ? In order to avoid giving ‘false balance’ to the climate alarmists at the BBC, I thought it would be a good idea to fact-check their new…

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Renewables and world energy supply

How much of the world’s energy is supplied by renewables? by Roger Andrews BP and the International Energy Agency (IEA) measure the contribution of renewables to the global energy mix in terms of primary energy consumed while the World Bank estimates … Continue reading

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Britain becalmed………

As received – see link: Britain Becalmed: Turbines across the UK are at a STANDSTILL after wind ‘disappears’ for a week causing a two-year low in electricity production A lack of wind in the UK for the last week has … Continue reading

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