Renewables Relief: Brexit Brings End to Britain’s Staggering Wind Power Subsidies


As Britain begins to untangle itself from the web of subsidies, regulations and mandates set by green-left lunatics in Europe, its rent-seeking wind power outfits must be feeling as anxious as ever. The cost of intermittent and unreliable renewables can no longer be concealed (despite the climate cults’ best efforts) and, with that in mind, its ruling Conservatives are on a mission to return Britain to the days when power was both reliable and cheap.

Britain preparing to scrap EU green energy targets as part of a bonfire of red tape after Brexit
The Telegraph
Steven Swinford
14 April 2017

Britain is preparing to scrap EU green energy targets which will add more than £100 to the average energy bill as part of a bonfire of red tape after Brexit.

The UK is currently committed to getting 15 per cent of all energy from renewable sources such as…

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Scotland’s National Scenic Areas: Threatened Landcapes – Sign the Petition!

A much needed opportunity has arisen to support a petition relating to Scotland’s threatened landscapes and highlighting Loch Awe in Argyll as  PE01655: Scotland’s National Scenic Areas.   This has now been published on the Parliament’s website and will be ‘open’ for gathering signatures and comments – but only until  07 June 2017.

It will then be ‘lodged’ and scheduled for consideration by the Public Petitions Committee.

This is the link to the petition webpage:

Those on twitter, please share and let the Petitions dept., know your twitter handle. You can also follow them: @SP_Petitions.

PDF Document of petition: PE01655

Your signatures will be valuable so please respond and share widely as soon as possible.

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Wales Erupts in Wild Protests Against Outrageous 800 Turbine Wind Farm

There are not the words………


Nothing generates more hatred and bitter community division than a wind farm.

And when what’s proposed is 800 of these things: 290 tonne, 165m tall, bat-chomping, bird slicing, blade-chuckingpyrotechnic, sonic-torture devices – speared all over the bucolic Welsh countryside it’s little wonder that locals have erupted in fury – a taste of which appears in the video above.

What’s added even more fuel to the fire is that fact that the Hendy proposal was thought to be dead and buried. But, like Vampires without heart-piercing stakes, wind weasels have a habit of returning to torment their victims; provided that there’s slops still swilling in the subsidy trough, that is.

There’s a meeting coming up on 27 April in Powy, when locals are set to turn the place upside down (the angry mob in the video were just the warm-up act, we’re told), not least because they…

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People Power-Up: Kenyan Government Shuts Down Wind Power Outfit’s Illegal Land Grab

Stop These Things

Stealing land is, apparently, seen as good business practice by the wind industry; wherever it goes, Africa no exception.

In Africa it’s able to profit from long-held animosity between tribes and racial groups, exploiting old rivalries in its quest to wrest control over the land its needs to spear these things all over African soil.  However, the wind industry’s treatment of indigenous people isn’t really discriminatory: they treat everybody that stands in their way with the same high-handed contempt.

Riding roughshod over rural communities wherever it goes, the wind industry has become the natural enemy of farmers the world over. But, in Kenya at least they’re determined not to lose their only asset to the great wind power fraud.

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Undeniable Proof: Wind Turbine Noise Causes Serious Adverse Health Effects


A couple of years back, STT produced a timeline which highlighted how the wind industry and its pet acoustic consultants managed to set up ‘rules’ which have no relevance to the noise impacts experienced by wind farm neighbours and under which wind power outfits could ride roughshod over rural communities with complete impunity.

That post – Three Decades of Wind Industry Deception: A Chronology of a Global Conspiracy of Silence and Subterfuge – was picked up by not only those wind farm neighbours suffering adverse health effects, but by those in the scientific community involved in establishing the precise mechanism by which incessant, turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound causes adverse health effects, including sleep deprivation.

One of them is Canadian researcher, Carmen Krogh. Carmen has taken our timeline, brought it up to date and added scientific detail to what, for those suffering from wind turbine noise emissions, is a miserable…

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Infrasound – the boomerang of the energy transition

Friends Against Wind

People living in proximity to wind turbines often describe their complaints concerning low-frequency noise (infrasound) from these turbines as “I feel what you cannot hear”.

By Dr Thomas Carl Stiller, specialist physician of general medicine and cofounder of “Doctors for Emission Control” (AEFIS).

Translation from German by Friends Against Wind:

People living in proximity to wind turbines often describe their complaints concerning low-frequency noise (infrasound) from these turbines as “I feel what you cannot hear.” But what is the cause of infrasound, what impact does it have on people, what standards regulate the permissible sound emissions and what is the state of science on these issues? A “The Energy Question” contribution by Dr Thomas Carl Stiller.

Dr Thomas Carl Stiller
Dr Thomas Carl Stiller

Inaudible but biophysiologically effective sound is not science fiction but an increasing threat to health. First, a few physical bases: sound is the pressure change in a medium such as air and spreads around the source. The lower the frequency, the more sound is transported in the air. Very low frequencies are also transmitted through closed buildings. As a result of acoustic reflections and superimpositions, it can then lead to excessively high sound pressure values. In general, sounds and noises are described by frequency, timbre and volume.

The human ear can hear frequencies approximately in the range of 20,000 Hz, i.e., vibrations per second (high tones) to 20 Hz (low tones). The sound range above a frequency of 20,000 Hz is referred to as ultrasound, below 200 Hz as low-frequency sound, below 20 Hz as infrasound. Both infrasound and ultrasound are no longer perceived by the ear, but the body has a subtle perception for infrasound, and some people are particularly sensitive to low-frequency sound.

In nature, low-frequency vibrations are ubiquitous. For example, some migratory birds orient themselves by the noise of the sea which is transmitted over several hundred kilometres in the atmosphere. The sound pressure of natural noises in the infrasound range, however, is quite evenly distributed over the different frequencies and is not perceived as disturbing by humans. The infrasound from wind turbines is still measurable for several kilometres. (1)

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SA’s Wind Farms Guilty: 28 September ‘Black System’ Caused by Wind Power Output Collapse


Wind power output collapse the culprit.


Whichever way you slice it (and it’s been cut from every possibly exculpatory angle), South Australia’s infamous Statewide blackout on 28 September 2016 was due to the inability of its 18 wind farms to tough out a typically vigorous spring storm front.

Where conventional generators have no difficulty chugging away in bad weather, ‘systems’ that depend entirely upon the vagaries of nature will always struggle. Tinkering with wind turbine software settings doesn’t make the wind blow fast enough to get these things up and running or to stop blowing too hard: at 25m/s – or 90km/h turbines shut down for reasons of self-preservation.

In its final report – available here: Integrated Final Report SA Black System 28 September 2016 the AEMO (which pushes wind power because its members do) went to extraordinary lengths in its attempt to exonerate SA’s wind farms, but the…

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