Frydenberg’s Renewable Energy Fantasyland: Australian Households & Businesses Despair as Energy Minister Remains Off with the Fairies

Waking up from ‘herd’ mentality after being force fed wind energy’s blatantly non-existent advantages (e.g. the still unproven claims made for CO2 emission savings & benefits) is accelerating as reports of harm from physical, environmental and economic adverse effects increase. STT helps this process in no small measure.


Energy Minister off with the fairies during Australia’s energy crisis.

Australia’s self-inflicted renewable energy disaster sometimes reads more like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein – and on others like the work of a drug-addled Lewis Carrol, as he took us all down the rabbit hole with Alice & Co.

Characters abound, bereft of worldy wit, prone to waffling nonsense and repeating the same hackneyed phrases (think ‘inevitable transition’, ‘wind’s cheaper than coal’, and lately, the most ridiculous line of all, ‘that wind power is more reliable than coal-fired power’. Yep, night turns to day in the wind and sun cult’s bizarro world of wishes, myth and fantasy.

A stand out in the enduring saga that is Australia’s energy crisis is the flat-footed and tin-eared Federal Energy Minister, Joshua Frydenberg. Josh is one character who will never be accused of harming the interests of renewables rent-seekers. Indeed, of late, he’s been on the…

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Wind Turbine Noise Makes Life a Living Hell for Neighbours: Michigan Farmers Driven From Homes

Farmers in all countries should read this. They are targeted incessantly by the wind industry and cannot escape contracts once signed, or have redress when their lives are similarly impacted.


Left: Cary and Karen Shineldecker at their new home. Right: 476-foot-tall turbines a quarter mile from their former home in Mason County, Michigan.

Wherever the wind industry expands, so too a visceral hatred among those forced to suffer incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infra-sound.

No manner of cynical finessing can excuse what’s done by this subsidy-soaked so-called ‘industry’. Turning peaceful and idyllic rural communities into industrial wastelands sticks in the craw of even life’s most grizzled characters in those communities. And even more so because wind power is utterly meaningless: it can never be delivered as and when power consumers need it, meaning that it has absolutely no commercial value, apart from renewable energy certificates, production tax credits, guaranteed feed in tariffs and all other manner of mandates and subsidies that are costing taxpayers and power consumers hundreds of $billions across the globe.

Michigan farmers, Cary and Karen Shineldecker…

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Smoking Gun: Research Proves ‘Inaudible’ Pulsing Wind Turbine Noise Direct Cause of Adverse Symptoms

Yet more proof of what sufferers and the few honest politicians already know. Its a pity that the World Health Organisation prefers silence instead of releasing the now year out of date 2016 Noise Guidelines. As this was to address the subject of noise from wind turbines for the first time, WHY? Requests for information on the delay remain unanswered. Have the wind industry lobbyists succeeded in preventing this subject’s inclusion or release of the document?


The evidence proving the unnecessary damage done to wind farm neighbours by the noise generated by giant industrial wind turbines is mounting by the day: Germany’s Max Planck Institute has identified sub-audible infrasound as the cause of stress, sleep disruption and more (see our post here); and a Swedish group have shown that it’s the pulsing nature of low-frequency wind turbine noise  (‘amplitude modulation’) that is responsible for sleep problems in those forced to live with it (see our post here).

In a World first, Australia’s Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) held that “noise annoyance” caused by wind turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound “is a plausible pathway to disease”. The AAT also slammed wind turbine noise standards as irrelevant and, therefore, totally unfit for purpose: Australian Court Finds Wind Turbine Noise Exposure a ‘Pathway to Disease’: Waubra Foundation Vindicated

The wind industry and its pet acoustic consultants maintain…

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Another Wind Power FAIL: Big Winter Blow Leaves 75,000 UK Homes Powerless

Makes you wonder, in the face of such a catalogue of reasons to reject any further increases in wind power installations, when the ‘penny will finally drop’ with both the electorate globally and authorities guilty of wilful blindness.


It’s this simple, really: when your power supply depends wholly upon the weather, expect it to vary entirely at the whims of Mother Nature.

Last year we brought you the story of what happened in Texas when Hurricane Harvey belted the Lone Star state: Last Man Standing: Nuclear Plants Power Texans During Deluge – Wind Turbines Automatically Shut Down During Hurricane Harvey

And how another big blow left Puerto Ricans powerless as Hurricane Maria splattered turbine blades and solar panels across the Island: Weather Dependent Wind Power: Leaves Hurricane Victims Powerless

Britain was an early signatory to suicidal renewable energy policies. Not for the first time, and not for the last time, tens of thousands of British households have been left freezing in the dark, thanks to the chaos delivered by wind power. [There’s a serious flaw in The Telegraph’s analysis, but we deal with that below]

Wind farms handed £5 million…

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“The Windfather” – Another report finds wind and renewable energy projects controlled by organized crime to launder money

Christine Duhaime |

Europol report ties mafia to renewable energy

This week, Europol released yet another report tying the financing, development and operation of renewable energy projects, particularly wind energy infrastructure projects, to organized crime in Europe.

The latest Europol report follows on the heels of an earlier one, the “Serious & Organized Crime Threat Assessment 2013″, which similarly found that organized crime is involved in, and in some instances controls, renewable energy financings and project developments for the purposes of laundering proceeds of crime.

Lord of the wind

The alleged mafia and kingpin of wind energy, the so-called “Lord of the Wind”, Vito Nicastri, is effectively under house arrest in Italy and €1.7 billion in corporate assets that he controlled were recently permanently forfeited to the state. Mr. Nicastri hasn’t been convicted of an offence in connection with the forfeited assets. The assets forfeited included shares in 40 companies, 100 properties, including wind farms and the assets thereon, 66 bank accounts, life insurance policies, seven exotic sports cars and luxury yachts.

Former convictions

According to an EU fraud report, Mr. Nicastri had a criminal record dating back to 1996 when he was convicted of wind farm fraud in connection with improper payments of €15 million and of bribing public officials to obtain contracts. That should have been a red flag in the transactional due diligence process and a bar to any EU or national procurements or approval of any government licenses. Mr. Nicastri is alleged to have ties to the Cosa Nostra.

The Camorra are also alleged to be involved in renewable energy to launder proceeds of crime. In Europe, the Camorra are alleged to have large and profitable criminal operations in France, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands (in addition to Italy). In the U.S., they are one of 4 designated “transnational criminal organizations”, having infiltrated the U.S. financial system to launder proceeds of crime from drug trafficking and other serious crimes.

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South Australia’s Electric ‘La-La Land’: Renewables Debacle Adds 124% to Wholesale Prices


One of the wind cult’s more pathetic efforts in late 2017 was to run a line that notionally wind powered South Australia’s wholesale power prices were finally heading south. All thanks, of course, to the wonder of sunshine and breezes.

Meanwhile, back on earth, the reality is that South Australia’s wholesale power prices have increased by more than 124% over the last two years.

That increase has nothing to do with increased distribution costs, and is all about the chaos delivered by the weather.

SA’s rocketing wholesale power prices are about the price retailers need to pay conventional generators to secure reliable supply when the wind stops blowing. That cost includes tens of $millions being paid to compensate SA’s gas generators, forced to stay online to ensure a stable supply of electricity.

A recent report by the Energy Security Board, The Health of the National Electricity Market – available here: 

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Re. new study…

A Happy New Year to all.

This is an important addition to evidence already held and also ignored by the industry and vested interests. How long governments will be able to do the same is open to discussion.

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